New At TBS Inc

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TBS Inc. has started a new division of Real Estate called “Real Estate Wealth Management”. We assist with your Real Estate financial analysis of your equity stake, rental properties, fix and flip,  cash flow for retirement income, future possibilities of using present equity to purchase more real estate or consolidate, and much more… We can provide advise on avoid payment Capital Gain taxes by 1031 Exchange option, evaluate and share the tax benefits options. Once the analysis is complete, we will assist in finding properties for both Primary Residence and Investment opportunities as well as help you sell your property. We have a network of investors, who are willing to buy/sell properties before hitting the general market. These investors are often willing to provide Hard Money Loans.

Real Estate Wealth Management team power by TBS Inc. is committed to assist you achieving your real estate goals. We will assist you in finding and getting you approved for Conventional, FHA, VA, and Hard Money loans. For further information, please call the office at 303-695-1100 and ask for Errol Roy.


TBS Inc. has partnered up with Federico Montoya for mortgage loans with NO Loan Origination Fees, Lower Interest Rates, Govt. Assisted Down Payments, and Quick Loan Approvals. They work with credit scores of 680+ for 97% loan values and 620+ credit scores with 80% loan values. For more information, please call the office at 303-695-1100 or you can complete your pre-approval loan application by clicking here.