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We offer the following services for small business owners who doesn't have the time to manage or organize finances.
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Business Accounting

We offer accounting and full bookkeeping services for small businesses including Personal and Business Income Taxes.

Business Consulting

We offer Free Consultation regarding your income taxes and small businesses. We assist with income tax estimates, Small Business Set-Up, applying for Personal and Business loans, and buy/sell of businesses.

Payroll Services

Full payroll services are offered including filing reports and paying PR taxes, direct deposit, officer’s salary, and filing 1099s & W2s.

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Real Estate Services

Buying or Selling your properties or applying for a mortgage, we help you with that.


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TBS is a Public Accounting and Business Consulting firm. We have helped several of our clients with Year-End Financial Statements and help them to identify all possible expenses related to their industry and more specifically to their business activities. Once Year-End Financial Statements are prepared, completing business and personal Income Tax Returns will be seamless to you.

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  • Ohio 1040 E-files - Delayed Acknowledgements from Agency
     (rec'd from OH DOR, 4/20/21 11:30AM EST)[Ohio] had a population of 200 submissions from April 14, 2021 that were processed but unfortunately [Ohio agency] acknowledgements were not sent.  Our [Ohio agency] tech team has corrected the issue and those missing acknowledgements are scheduled to go out tonight [4/20/21]. 
  • UPDATE (Vermont) - States & Jurisdictions Undecided/Pending Legislation on Unemployment Compensation
     Vermont signed legislation on 4/17/21, announcing that they will conform to the American Rescue Plan with regard to unemployment compensation. See more info on Vermont website.State Tax Day - Current,S.18,Vermont—Corporate, Personal Income Taxes: IRC Conformity Updated, PPP Loans and Unemployment Exclusion Addressed,(Apr. 20, 2021)Click to open document in a browserVermont changed its IRC conformity date from […]
  • Maryland Returns - Minimum E-Filing Versions - EFC 38
     This morning, we have set minimum form versions for all e-file Maryland Individual returns, Extensions, and Estimated returns in TaxWise ​Desktop and Online.   For TaxWise Desktop Users: If you have not downloaded these latest form versions and you attempt to e-file, you will receive an EFC Reject 38.  You'll be unable to e-file these returns […]