July 17, 2015

Real Estate Services

We offer Real Estate Consulting to advise on how to manage your real estate portfolio and have your real estate assets work for you and help you retire early as well as comfortably. Real Estate services are being offered by our affiliated business sister company RE Wealth Management team at BlueSpruce Group LLC.

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Whether you are looking for a home for yourself or an investment opportunity that provides a monthly revenue stream, or even if you are looking at short term opportunities of remodeling/rehabbing properties for a quick turnover.

  1. Primary Residence
  2. Investments (Rental Properties)
  3. Investments (Fix N Flip)

We will help create “Real Estate Wealth Management” for you, your estate, and your future generations to come!

We will help identify tax shelters and benefits for owning and managing real estate properties.

In addition, we will advise on the buy/sell of each property in regards to the Capital Gains and Tax deferments through 1031 Exchange programs and more.

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